Come Fly With Me Sammy!

Today Blogville is celebrating “Come Fly With Me” to honor Sammy from One Spoiled Cat.  Sammy is almost 17 and growing tired, so in honor of all he has done, we are taking him on a virtual “vacation”.come-fly-with-me

Sammy, glad you could join me today.

For our trip, we are going to visit The Bridges of Madison County and John Wayne’s Birthplace right here in little ol’ Iowa!

 Alright Sammy, I borrowed a neighbor’s classic Chevy for this trip. We love our classic cars around here.


First is John Wayne’s Birthplace and Museum. It’s right up the road from me in Winterset, Iowa.  They had always preserved his birth home, but now we have this wonderful museum, opened in May 2015. John Wayne is larger than life-just like you Sammy!

Next we will head downtown and stop at the historic Northside Cafe for lunch. It was used in the movie “The Bridges of Madison County”. The food there is great.

After that, we are taking ride through the countryside to see the covered  Bridges of Madison County. They are some of the last original covered bridges still standing.

Hope you enjoy our trip today Sammy!

Love you to the moon and back my friend! 

Marty the Manx 

From Western Iowa

This is a bloghop!

MIA but still here

I have been MIA again, but don’t worry, I won’t be gone for months again.  Mom was on call quite a few days and spent lots extra time at work.

dsc_0349Then, her best friend had part of a tree fall on her and has been in the ICU since Caturday. Luckily, even though badly injured, she will (hopefully) fully recover. Lots more time at a different hospital and away from us, but we understand.

I will be back to visiting you all soon.