Semi Sunday Selfies

Hello All, we are joining The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies before Mom heads into that dreaded W.O.R.K. again today! Mom is SUPPOSED to be on call for emergencies only, but the doctors aren’t following the rules.

THIS is what I think of that:


Do you think Mom is getting the message this morning from my sunporch?


Ralphie is joining me and is refusing to look at the camera.


Abbe is trying her “how could you leave me?” face


Mazie is trying the “pat my belly” technique to keep Mom here….


Anne said to wake her up when all the drama is over…..


Mazie FINALLY gave in and gave Mom an assisted selfie…..MOL, nice job Mazie *snort*…..

Hope you are having a good Sunday with YOUR Moms!

Reporting from the Sunporch under my table

Peace Out


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52 thoughts on “Semi Sunday Selfies

  1. Sweet Marty we bet your Mom got your message just fine. We are sorry that the doctors are not following the rules and taking your Mom away more than they should. You all just look adorable. Sweet Mazie that is a good assisted Selfie, good job! You all just nap and dream sweet dreams til you Mom returns. Hugs and nose kisses


  2. Marty that’s the best expression ever! Yes, W.O.R.K. bosses can be very rude and inconsiderate of people’s personal time. We think you all got the message across very well…you should text those pics to Mom’s B.O.S.S. 😉


  3. You don’t look very happy about your mum having to work again Marty. Abbe has done a good selfie and so has Mazie with her assisted one.


  4. mol! gosh, Marty, we’re sorry your mom’s work place is stealing her again. we are sending those not-rule-playing-doctors our best stink eyes over the interwebs in support 🙂 Enjoy your Easy Sunday!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie


  5. We know all about work! Ghostwriter is working this evening. She works every weekend and is on call every other weekend! We know she’s going to work when she has her white pants and shoes on. We think she needs a vacation so she can pay more attention to us!


  6. hello marty its dennis the vizsla dog hay on call!!! dada yoozed to do that and hayts it!!! i do not no why kompaneez do not just hire enuf staff to do the wurk insted of putting peepul on elektronik leeshes!!! nice job giving them the stink eye tho!!! ok bye


  7. What a charming family! Love the semi selfies…Your mom should quit her job and stay home and cuddle you guys….yep,…what mom? There would be no food or goodies or play toys? Well, that’s no good. Guess you’ll just have to suck it up and wait for your mom.




  8. Seriouslies, what is it with these humans and overworking? And then they get home too exhausted to play WAND Toy!! HRMPF. Here’s hoping your mom-person doesn’t hafta work as much in the coming months!


  9. So glad we found your second site! We were so worried when we say you deleted your site. Happy to have you back! Wonderful selfies, everyone!


  10. Hmmm–what do those doctors need your Mom for? Don’t they know how to do their jobs if she isn’t there? This sounds furry spishus to me. Do you think your Mom might really work fo rthe CIA or sumfing???


  11. Oh, Marty, I don’t know why people have to work, but Granny told me, that I have to work for my food myself, if she doesn’t. Still don’t understand…but they always come back, we just have to wait 😉 You all did some great work on that selfies, Marty. Pawkisses for a Sunny Day 🙂 ❤


  12. Glad to see you again dear Marty! We hopes your Mom didn’t lose any good stuffs like pictures or nuffin when you deleted your other blog….

    We hope your Mom gots to do sum resting on Sunday… even if her had to do some work stuffs. And all you guyz did a good job trying to get her to stay home… sumtimes Moms just has to go to werks….

    Purrz, Katie Kat.


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