Hello All.

I wanted this to be a happy post, introducing you to sweet little Alyce who I adopted two weeks ago today. Mom and I were at the local Petsmart, when I heard her talking to the local rescue lady. “Kelly, come here!” she said excitedly. When I came over, the rescue lady was holding the sweetest little manx girl named Alyce.


Alyce and I fell in love at first site. She had come from a horrible situation of neglect and abuse with two other kitties I was told. Had been full of fleas and starved. Her foster Mom was just bringing her in so she could be put up for adoption. Alyce sat in my arms and fell asleep.


Alyce came home to her “palace”– the spare bedroom–and settled right in. She was happy, eating well, but I noticed everywhere she would lay smelled like urine. She was using the box ok, but then I saw her leave a puddle of urine when she stood up and stretched. Off to the vet we went. My poor little girl had a raging UTI. Antibiotics, pain meds, urinary diet,  urinary dietary supplements, and multiple boxes so she wouldn’t have to run to get to her box.


She took it all in stride, loving our time together and all the attention. Sweet, gentle, content to be in a home of her own. Still she ran to the box multiple times with little or no results, then would nap and leave a puddle. Back to the vet, dreading this visit, I knew in my heart things were much more than an infection.  Lab, x-rays, ultrasound–Alyce’s bladder was badly enlarged, not contracting, severe cystitis, large blood in her urine….My vet, her vet husband and the vet they work with all sat down with me and discussed Alyce’s poor long term prognosis–probable nerve damage to bladder, worsening infections, more pain, renal failure, spiraling circle, never getting better…they had called the vet college even and had gotten no good news/prognosis.  The decision wa made to save my sweet angel this painful life, and I sent my new baby over the bridge Sept. 30th.


Our time was short, but my love was strong.

To the Moon Alyce…I love you to the Moon!

137 thoughts on “Alyce

  1. We are so sorry for the loss of dear little Alyce, she was gorgeous and too young to leave this coil. So we send you lots of rumbly purrs and love, and thank you for helping Alyce.

    Mungo, Jet
    & The Ape xx


  2. That really was unfair, unfair to Alyce, and to you. She came to you just to leave you again. But she knew love and had a happy, safe home for two weeks, probably the best two weeks of her life. Godspeed, Alyce.


  3. Alyce~~~ we are truly sorry; Godspeed your journey to heaven beautiful girl, we hope you know that in the end; you were indeed cared for and loved and besides these gifts, you mom gave you another of the greatest gifts of all ~~~~~~ compasion


  4. This is so sad but she did know love and caring and had a home which is so much more than so many have. We are sending purrs and prayers of support. Fly free deal Alyce until that day we all meet again forever young and healthy.
    Timmy Dad Pete and Family


  5. Oh awnty Kelly weez so very sowry. Alyce was such a bootyful little girly. And we know dat even tho she was in pain, she lived and luvved a lifetime in da few shorts days she had wiff you. She knew da depths of luv and da hands of luv and da voice of luv all cuz of you. And you gave her da gweatest gift luv can give by erasin’ da pain furever. Weez sendin’ much luv and hugs to all of you. Ifin yous need anyfin’ purrlease let us know.

    Kitty Kisses

    Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra


  6. I’m in tears reading this. What a beautiful, beautiful kitty Alyce is. I can see why you fell in love right away with such a gentle little soul. I think it was meant for her to have a happy end to her life since she’d suffered so much for so long. She was blessed to be with you and you were blessed by her sweet nature. I’m so sorry to hear your time together was so short, but you did what was best for her in the end, even though it was so difficult to do. My heart is with you, my friend.


  7. Oh… such a hauntingly sad story… but I am so grateful that Alyce had your love. What a beautiful and precious gift you were able to give her. May this sweet darling be resting in peace and bless your kind soul for giving her a world filled with love and dignity…


  8. Kelly Jo it is harder to lose a cat when we’ve had them only a short amount of time. All those years that ‘should have been’….the future for the cat cut short & our life altered. All I keep reminding myself (even to this day) is that I as blessed to have had Muffin for the time I did. She was my special baby & even without pix I still remember what she looked like. She lives in my heart forever just as Alyce will live on in yours.
    I send you oodles of ((((HUGS)))) an lots of love ❤


  9. Just found your site and was sad to read this post. Although this must have been heart-breaking, it most likely was for the best. I’ve had four Manx over my lifetime and they are the dearest of friends. My latest is plagued with kidney and bowel issues, which as you probably know are common to Manx. But we’ve found the middle ground and manage to stay out of the vet’s office. Pleased to see more from you.


  10. I am so very sorry…it is so hard to loose our animal babies. In my heart I can see she is running and playing with my kitty girl Minnie, whom I miss so much…someday we will see them again. My heart goes out to you…you gave Alyce the greatest gift of all in bringing her home and she knew she was loved and cared for…she was beautiful! Hugs…


      • No it seems like yesterday…I do miss her so much…I thought I would die when I lost her…she was my sweet baby kitty girl. I love cats but I am not able yet to think of adopting another…she was my girl.
        Ellie, our young female Aussie, keeps an eye on me and she is a part of my heart already…Minnie was my constant for so many years. I think when we loose our heart animals it takes time as the grief is deep…Alyce was not with you a long time but she too was a heart animal…she clearly knew you had chosen her and she chose you back…
        Before I had Minnie, I had a black manx kitty named Kalamazoo who lived with us almost 18 years…he was a ball of energy! He grew up with our kids and their friends…even after they graduated, if one of the kids friends stopped by they always asked me “Is that Zoo? Wow, how old is he now? Does he still stalk someone if he is mad at them?”
        We called him Zoo or Zippy…he would remember which one of the kids teased him as they grew up with him from before school and almost all the way through….if he was mad at you, he would let you think it was no big deal and he would watch you, waiting until you got up to get something and as you walked across the floor he would grab your ankle and calve with his front paws (he did not have claws) and he would hang on so hard that you literally drug him with you until he got his bite or growl in…he would actually stalk you…and yet his heart was full of deep love for us! We all loved him so much! Minnie was only in her first year when he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a bit harrumphed with Minnie but not too much. Someday…we will hold them again to our hearts…sending kitty loves n rubs and paw pats for Marty and gentle hugs n prayers for you:)


      • Thanks so much for sharing! Zoo was quite the character 🙂 It is one of my biggest comforts knowing that there is my Oskar, Alyce and others that came before waiting. Have a great week!


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