Hitchin’ a Ride

So, I was having a great time, playing in my tunnel…..


When something caught my attention, and Mr. Fleece decided to hitch a ride.


 I’ll just back up to get him off…hmmm…urg…ummf…


Shut up Ralphie, this isn’t easy…maybe I don’t mind him hitchin’ a ride…..


Stupid brothers…….


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53 thoughts on “Hitchin’ a Ride

  1. I have a wand fleece toy kind-of like that and it’s a lot of fun. I’m not allowed to play with it by myself because once I ate a long strip of fleece (mom trimmed the edge off a piece of fleece fabric) and it took several trips to the vet before I passed it….and the vet said I was REALLY lucky to have passed it and not needed surgery to get it out. But your fleece looks like a loop so it would be safer to play with. Hopefully you finally escaped it’s grasp and didn’t have to drag it around the house for too long.


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