33 thoughts on “Ralphie Wordless Wednesday

  1. For a second I thought a vacuum cleaner was involved here – I was going to comment on how impressive it was for Ralphie to sit for a vacuuming. Even Choppy, with all the patience in the world, would rather not be vacuumed (though she will sit for it, because, all the patience in the world).


  2. Ralphie where is Marty? Ralphie that looks like a sweeper attachment and that you were being vacuumed not brushed! Lee sometimes tries to suck me up after she runs the clippers over my back.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


  3. hello ralphie its dennis the vizsla dog hay the wire brush!!! that wuz my sister trouble the kittys most fayvritest grooming applianse!!! unless yoo kownt rubbing herself on dadas legs wich i do not!!! ha ha ok bye


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