Ralphie the mighty!

The mighty Ralphie is putting the bitey on that Nip Nanner!


Mommie keeps promising we will get back to blogging. We don’t believe her anymore….

Send us a new Mommie please….

The Poorly Neglected

Marty and the Gang

42 thoughts on “Ralphie the mighty!

  1. Aaaaaaw Ralphie you’re such cutey. And Marty, ya’ got a purretty good mommy. She may be lax in da bloggin’ depawrment but we know she’s right on in da luvvin’ depawrtment. So give her a hug and a little break. We miss ya’ll, but so long as we know you’re okay, we can wait.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


    • Oh Dezi, it has been so hectic here! Mom’s work just keeps getting busier, downsizing Gram and Gramps never ends! Mazie injured her back and that took a LOT of time and TLC, then we had a scare with Abbe last week-end! We just keep hoping for a slow down so we can see everyone. Mom is carving out an hour today because we miss everyone so much!

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      • Sorry ya’ll are havin’ so many trials Marty. We think ’bout ya’ll offen and say a purrayer fur ya everyday. We miss ya’ll bunches, but we know how life can get in da way sometimes. Ya’ll take care of each other.

        Luv and big hugs

        Dezi and Raena


  2. Ralphie, you sure are doing a great job on that nanner! Tell Mom not to stress — we miss seeing you and Marty, but we understand that life gets busy. šŸ™‚



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