Happy N.O.M.S. (Not Of My Species) Day

N.O.M.S. (Not Of My Species) Day was originally started by The Cat Realm  in 2007.  
Back then they dared you all to make a Not of My Species (NOMS) Friend.

Being a family of mixed species, we are happy to celebrate N.O.M.S. Day today and to wish all of our friends Kitty, Woofie, Bunnie, Piggie, and Bird a happy “I love you my friend!” Day!

DSC_0220noms Badge The Cat Realm


Marty and the Gang

43 thoughts on “Happy N.O.M.S. (Not Of My Species) Day

  1. Hi Marty you slim trim fit fabulous cat. NOMS Day well no NOMS live at my house! But I am good about only chasing the squirrels. I leave the bunnies and birds alone. But nope squirrels don’t apply to NOMS Day!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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