Beautiful Selfie Sunday

Morning All! 

Today My Selfie was just fine!


We were all out enjoying this 54 degree (yes, you heard right!) morning.


Except for Bree, she says it is too cold for her MOL!


Look at all the dew on the leaves.


Some dew didn’t keep us from exploring!


Hope you all have a wonderful Easy!

Peace Out!

Marty and the Gang

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

64 thoughts on “Beautiful Selfie Sunday

  1. Your selfie is lovely, Marty. 54 is about what we are getting in the middle of the day but it is supposed to get warmer again by the middle of next week.


  2. Mee-you it iss 68 deegreess here today an so much nicer!!!!
    Marty an Ralphie isn’t it grate to go snoopin an xplorin…..
    An Maizie an Puff poochiess yur adoorabull. Bree you an mee LadyMum are so alike; shee says it iss chilley out all so!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


  3. OMD, you guys look FABulous on your porch!! And Ma is hoping for some 54 degree mornings soon! Our weather peeps keep sayin’ it’s gonna happen, butts I am always disappointed when it doesn’t gets below 60. (hint: I LOVES the cool weathers! BOL/MOL)
    Have a marvelous Sunday guys!!!
    Ruby ♥


  4. Fantastic selfies Marty and lovely to be cool… we’ve got a bit of a heatwave rolling in tomorrow, up to 30C – eeek! Too warm fur us!!!


    Basil & Co xox


  5. That looks like an enjoyable time outdoors! Still crazy hot and humid here. We are glad we have air conditioning!


  6. Wow! That is quite cool weather! We now have the hots here in Vancouver after a summer with lots of rain 😦 You are all so darn adorable! Seriously cute. And our Mama thinks that little Bree is really, really sweet 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo


  7. Marty ~ Fall will be here before you know it ~ it has been the hottest summer on record did you know that. But I have not seen any cool mornings yet. I bet a lot of critters hide in that ornamental grass.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


  8. Wow, what awesome exploring weather you all had (well, except for Bree), Marty! We love that photo of all of you hanging out on the porch stoop. 🙂



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