Hi there

Hello dear friends. We know it has been a long time since we have visited our bloggy, but we are going to try to visit more.  There has been a whole lot of “stuff” going on and a whole lot of “nuffin’ ”  Told Mom she needed to post some pictures so that you all would believe that we are still here.


Ralphie has been spending lots of time under his favorite bush in the garden.

The Girls have been on intruder patrolIMG_5135

And I have been making sure the Nip plant doesn’t get to tall MOL!

Hope you have all had a good summer. We have missed everyone and will try to visit soon




The Gang

27 thoughts on “Hi there

  1. It’s great to hear from you all again! We missed you! We’re glad you’re all doing well and hope you enjoyed the nice summer here in WNY. We saw a rainbow today after the rain passed.


  2. It’s good to see ya’ll Marty. As always you all look gawjus. Me has fur sure missed ya’. We was just meowin’ ’bout ya’ll the other day. And, since we hadn’t heard anythin’, we sent up some extra purrayers fur ya’ll and your mommy. We hope to see more of ya’ll soon. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  3. hello marty its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to see yoo glad yoo ar all dooing wel!!! i akwired sum kittens of my own wile yoo hav ben away!!! reel wuns not imadjinerry wuns!!! dada told me i had to klarify that i am not shoor why!!! ok bye


  4. WEll Hello Marty, Ralphie and the gang it is sooooo good to see you. We’ve had a LOT of changes in our house, and we have been so sporadic with commenting. But we try … we really keep after Mom. But we are so glad to see all of you!


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