36 thoughts on “W.W. Tree Kitty

  1. Well I have to admit it looks like tons of fun climbing up in that tree – a nice private spot for a snooze or easy place to SPY from. BUTTTTT, my Mom was mighty happy when she put the tree up in our house that I was content to lie UNDER it and not IN it! Tee Hee MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU FROM ALL OF US!

    Hugs, Teddy, Angel Sammy and Mom too


  2. Hehe, oh that is just PAWFECT, I really can’t stop laffing!!!!!!
    You just could not find a better way to decorate the tree!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  3. hello marty its dennis the vizsla dog hay thats sum gud kliming their!!! mama and dada say that the hipster kitties ar why we hav no tree this yeer however that duz not eksplayn all the other yeers wen we did not hav a tree so i think it is just a konveenyent eksyoose!!! mary krismas to all of yoo frum all of us!!! ok bye


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