Hello All

Just a little update to let you know how it is going in our little corner in Iowa. The Gang is holding in there. Mazie has had an urinary tract infection, but has been doing well on antibiotics. Bree is back on antibiotics for her chronic bronchitis. The temp has fallen to -18 before windchill.  On the human front, My workmates have not been faring so well. Scotty has been diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal cancer, very poor prognosis. Then his implanted port (for his chemotherapy) has become infected the last two days. My second work mate has had an acute appendicitis complicated by her bowel shutting down. To add to that workmate #3 had a thyroid scan that showed masses that were biopsied today and are probable cancer. That is 3 of 7  of the entire group that work the cardiac cath lab. I am afraid that my friends are going to have a long road to recovery (if that is possible for all of them.)  Please forgive us for not blogging more, but I have had to pick up the pieces of the fallen warriors. Us 5 nurses that were doing the job of 7 are now 2. Please send out a prayer for those that need it. I am only asking for your understanding, didn’t want you to think that we had abandoned those we care about who lift us up.

Love to you all. Thank you for being a light in the dark

Marty’s Mom and the Gang