Hello all. In all our time of blogging, I try to avoid anything too serious. This weekend brought the Corona Virus way too close to home. In the last 48hrs, I have lost a friend in his 40’s, a dear friend lost her mother in her 70’s, and I have learned that a young man I watched grow up is in a coma from Corona related immune response after he collapsed last night and had to be placed on a ventilator. PLEASE take care of yourselves, wear masks, stay home as much as possible, and social distance if you need to go out. Use your hand sanitizer and don’t go out if you are feeling ill. I am a front line health care worker and am seeing more illness than most realize. It is devastating. I don’t want to lose you all too.

Thank you

Marty’s Mom

Selfie Sunday

Hey Marty, it’s the first Selfie Sunday since we came back to see our friends. Where are you???

Sorry Ralphie but I am not leaving my new napping spot Mom made for me.

Oh dear, I am missing an ear!

Well, I am rusty….

Well, a bit fuzzy but at least I am all there!

Not bad if I say so myself!

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Ralphie and the Lazy One

Well hi there!

Hello all. I know it has been a long time since I have visited you all. Hope you all are well. We are doing okay here.


Ralphie and I are our wonderful selves MOL!

Double Trouble

Abbe and Anne are thick as thieves.

Breezy all furry

Breezy is still her sweet little self.

Silly Millie

Meet Millie. She joined us last year. She came from a rescue. She is 4 y/o now, she was born deaf and can only see out of one eye. Mom calls her “Queen B” because she is so bossy.

We keep mom busy and are still a happy little Mob. I will try to stop by more often.