A little note from us

I know we have been away for a very very long time. There are many reasons, but none that we need to bother you our dear friends with.  Mother Nature has finally blessed us with warm weather, so we got outside today and wanted to share a picture or two of us so you remember what we look like.



Just in case you can’t see the Puffs, here we were earlier in the week on the bed.IMG_5682

Hope you have all been well. We really do miss Blogville TONS.


Marty, Ralphie, Mazie, Abbe, Anne & Bree


Hello all.

Just want to give you all an up date. Life here is chaotic. My Mum has lost most of her marbles. Would like to call it “chemo brain” but I fear it is dementia or worse Alzheimer disease. The kitties are doing well, Mazie has been dealing with some GI issues but have been trying meds, probiotics and special diet to combat that. Bree has been having flare up of lung issues but dealing with that with antibiotics and steroids.  Abbe has some mast cell tumors we are removing before they become cancer, and Anne is just Anne with a bad back 🙂  we are doing well as a small family but Gram is taking a lot of my time, so little posting and/or commenting. Don’t think we have forgotten you all or don’t think about you often, you are all VERY close to our hearts. Thoughts of Blogville is often what keeps the sanity going 🙂


The Mom


My Forth Blogiversary

Hello my friends.

Today is my Forth Blogiversary. I can’t believe that I have have been blogging for four years already. Thank you all my dear friends for sticking with me, and to all of you who have become new friends.

IMG_5619It is -15 without the windchill today. You can find me here celebrating on Mom’s flannel pillows right next to the hot air blowy thing. Hope your New Year is blessed with Love, Happiness and those you enjoy!

Peace Out


Christmouse Eve Selfie Sunday

It is Christmouse Eve everyone! 

 We are all joining The Cat On My Head for Selfie Sunday.

DSC_0449Hurry up guys! Glad it snowed for Santa Claws! 

DSC_0458Oh baby it’s cold outside!

DSC_0466Silly Puffs, I am taking mine on my tree in the warm sunroom!

DSC_0472Mazie and I are taking our’s right by the tree so Santa Claws knows right where to find it!!

Merry Christmouse Eve all!



The Gang

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Holiday Tradions.

Here at Marty the Manx, our biggest holiday tradition is putting up the tree which you saw on my Wordless Wednesday post.  The Peeps in our family have a fun tradition of dressing up in their silly Christmas sweaters and making Christmas cookies every year. Here are a few pictures from this year.


Even cousin Maggie gets in on the sweater fun!


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Hi Guys!

Here we are! Back to say “hi”.  IMG_5430

Abbe and Bree hanging out in the sun room watching Mom put the new tree.


Me NOT being impressed with the skinny new tree.


Ralphie supervising from the cat tree.


Annie says “hello”!


Mazie is checking out the neighbors.

Life here is fine. Bree has been having quite a few health issues and Mazie is showing her age, but Mom says we are all still wonderful and her sweeties 🙂  Lots going on with Gram, Gramps and the rest of the family. Mom’s work has slowed down to a “normal” pace finally, so we are hoping to be around a little bit more. We think of you all constantly and miss you all dear friends! Hope you all have had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Marty and the Gang