Hi Guys!

Here we are! Back to say “hi”.  IMG_5430

Abbe and Bree hanging out in the sun room watching Mom put the new tree.


Me NOT being impressed with the skinny new tree.


Ralphie supervising from the cat tree.


Annie says “hello”!


Mazie is checking out the neighbors.

Life here is fine. Bree has been having quite a few health issues and Mazie is showing her age, but Mom says we are all still wonderful and her sweeties 🙂  Lots going on with Gram, Gramps and the rest of the family. Mom’s work has slowed down to a “normal” pace finally, so we are hoping to be around a little bit more. We think of you all constantly and miss you all dear friends! Hope you all have had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Marty and the Gang

Hi there

Hello dear friends. We know it has been a long time since we have visited our bloggy, but we are going to try to visit more.  There has been a whole lot of “stuff” going on and a whole lot of “nuffin’ ”  Told Mom she needed to post some pictures so that you all would believe that we are still here.


Ralphie has been spending lots of time under his favorite bush in the garden.

The Girls have been on intruder patrolIMG_5135

And I have been making sure the Nip plant doesn’t get to tall MOL!

Hope you have all had a good summer. We have missed everyone and will try to visit soon




The Gang