Flower Friday on Thursday :)

These are our pictures for Flower Friday. We are taking them tonight (and in a hurry) because major storms are coming our way. Mom and I were going to go out tomorrow morning and take early morning sunrise pictures but we aren’t sure they will survive the storms tonight.

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These are all our beautiful Daylilies which we have been growing over the last 6 years. Mom was so excited because they should all be in full bloom this week-end, but there are severe storms with hail heading this way. Hope you enjoy as much as we do




Blogville Summer Dance

Our sweet Abbe got an early invite to to the Blogville Summer Dance from her handsome sweetheart Jakey over at Da DB Boyz


Well WE all know what her answer is of course!

summer dance 2017

She said “Yes!” of course! Who could resist somedog as sweet as Jakey?

for more information on the Blogville Summer Dance 2017, Click on the Badge below